Poetry Corner- Educate your sight, Educate your Feelings

Hey all! Its me again, Artist D. Walker and I’m here bringing you one more of my original poems. (Don’t worry, it wont be my poetry every time.)

So I’m currently in the process of writing several poems for my Contemporary Art class.

I think they are coming out pretty well so I thought I might share with you some of what I’ve come up with so far.

After you read the poem, please take a few moments to leave me some feedback.
Write a comment on how it made you feel, or what things you can relate to in the writing etc.(this goes for all the posts on our site).
I love to get feedback and responses because it helps me grow, so whether you like or dislike it please tell me whats on your mind( why you like it or dislike it, and what it’s doing for you). This is a community so sharing is very important and the fact that you visited the site means you are important to me (and the LLF Team). =)

I finished writing this poem today (09/12/2011), and it’s actually untitled but for the sake of naming the post i used the first line in the poem.

Educate your sight, educate your feelings
Understanding what you didn’t know often proves revealing
I can see the bright stars, through the glass ceiling
Face your obstacles and pass the pain before you start the healing

Things unseen and unknown can still get in your way
If you want a better tomorrow then give your best today
Stride on my friend and glide over the hurdles
Race against time, Know the rabbit but be the turtle

Fertile is the land we live on that God nurtures
Concrete jungles keep pushing nature out further
Further more what if trees could talk?
They’d probably tell us whats real and help us to see whats not

Thousands of years of history, most of which we forgot
Maintaining ignorance while lies are re-taught
I guess it comes with the culture just like facades
Be yourself when its your free time, be someone else when it’s not

New world order, capitalism & big business
If you can’t afford a roof then sleep out by the benches
people don’t need much, so take what you need in stride
If consumer culture died the rich would still keep it alive

Worry about being genuine & care about more than just yourself
The strength of your relationships strengthens your inner wealth.

Thank you for reading and living.life.fearless–it’s not a website, it’s a movement and a lifestyle where each person can have a voice in the community. We all have obstacles to face (some harder or scarier than others) but to do our best with these obstacles we must first shed our fear of them. (Morpheus voice) =)

Until next time =)

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