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The Final, Final Design - Rebel Dad Hat Vol. 2 | Collabs | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The Final, Final Design – Rebel Dad Hat Vol. 2

I know we previously announced a winner for the new design of our Rebel Dad Hat Vol. 2 but due to some licensing issues we've had to go back on that decision and go with our other design which was a neck and neck runner-up anyways. We're also announcing the winner for the choice of t-shirt design....
VOTE: Vol. 2 Shirts Design | Collabs | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

VOTE: Vol. 2 Shirts Design

We already have a design locked in for Vol. 2 of our Rebel Dad Hats and we just showed off the drafting process for the accompanying shirts, now we're opening them up to voting and we want to know which design you like and would want the most. Like the hats we'll take your votes and our personal preferences and get the ball rolling on getting these made. Voting will only be open for a short period so cast em while you can....


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