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Rebel Dad Hats Vol. 2

Last time we did a collab with Axcess for his Rebel Against Society album it was a big hit and we sold out of those dad hats pretty quickly. People have been hitting him and us up about when we'd be selling more of those hats and we both think it is about time we worked together again. We have a much larger audience and community now and we want everyone to be able to get one of these dad hats this go around, but I hate to do things exactly the same way twice so we're bringing the dad hats back for another limited run but with some updates and additions....
LLF X Axcess: Rebel Dad Hat

LLF X Axcess: Rebel Dad Hats are here and up for preorders

In collaboration with Axcess for his Rebel Against Society mixtape, our specially design, limited edition Rebel Dad Hats are now in production and we're offering a special price, along with an additional 30% off coupon for a future purchase for all preorders taken before their release in a couple weeks. This is a VERY limited release, so don't miss your chance to grab one of these one of a kind pieces....


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