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The 7 Best Gaming Podcasts

If you are looking for an edge to take your casino gaming to the next level, then you might be looking for guidance, tuition, and other ways to learn more about the games and strategies that other people employ – and a great way to find these is through a podcast.

Podcasts are usually episodic audio programs, where the host(s) discuss a particular topic. You can find podcasts on a wide range of different subjects, from politics to comedy and everything in between. They are also readily available online; you can stream them from the same places that you listen to music such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Global Player, or through a dedicated podcast channel. In the UK, for example, some of the most popular podcasts include:

  • The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett
  • The Louis Theroux Podcast
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • No Such Thing as a Fish

For gaming podcasts designed to help you make the most at physical casinos or online sites like this one, the list below is not exhaustive – but a great place to start.

Casino Kombat

Hosted by The Rambling Gambler, an incognito teacher of so called ‘Casino Wisdom,’ this is a podcast based on a system designed to take advantage of casinos. Running for three years now, episodes discuss wagering concepts that were originally designed for blackjack but can be applied to other games like Baccarat. It’s not just about winning every hand, but how to play the system to take advantage of casino reward systems, too. According to the host, it is all about helping gamblers to be better gamblers, and alongside the advice on the podcast there are tons of resources available on their website, including downloadable PDFs outlining the important strategies.

Professor Slots

This podcast is hosted by Jon H. Friedl Jr, a Ph. D holder who has studied multiple degrees in physics and engineering – and has found a strategy that can be used to boost winnings on slot machines.

The podcast itself focuses on ‘next level tactics and strategies’ as well as talking about real-world insights and is designed to be used alongside the books and courses offered by Professor Slots to teach you to be a better slots player.

Each episode is relatively short – just 10-15 minutes – so it’s some bitesize advice you could listen to on the way to work.


The combination of travel and casino makes for an interesting podcast which focuses on getting the best out of your trips. Hosted by Michael Mason Trager from the US and Stee White from the UK, you can expect short (approximately 20 minute) episodes that are all about experiences, and how you can get the most out of luxurious visits to casinos around the world.

Tens and Aces

This is a podcast dedicated to blackjack, and it is hosted by well-known blackjack virtuoso Mike AP. Each episode is about 40 minutes, and the whole podcast was set up to give a realistic look into the game – you can expect in-depth, raw conversations that don’t pull any punches.

Guests discuss both their positive and negative experiences, and there are also audio tutorials based on various strategies that you might want to employ to improve your game.

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

This is a podcast that was designed to be part of a community of players, with a high level of interaction that you just don’t usually get from this type of media.

The vibrant community feel is one of the most important parts of this podcast, along with the content – deep discussions with seasoned gamblers, experienced casino staff, and people who have authored books on the games using their expertise.

With each episode lasting more than an hour, you’ll find tons of actionable insights.

Gambling With An Edge

Although this podcast has concluded, there are 12 years of content available – so it is a veritable goldmine of information on every casino game imaginable.

Hosted by Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin, Gambling With An Edge was live streamed weekly on a radio station in Vegas and then made available for streaming or downloading afterwards. Each episode would focus on a different aspect of casinos, gambling, and betting, with interviews that featured authors, professional gamblers, and casino insiders.

Behind the Bets

A popular choice for gamblers in the US, Behind the Bets is a companion podcast to the ESPN show of the same name, hosted by Doug Kerizan.

Kerizan is an experienced gambling analyst, and he puts his considerable knowledge and insight into the podcast, breaking down sports betting to make it more accessible. It mostly covers the NFL, HL, and NBA but there are some international sports covered, and what makes it really interesting is that there are plenty of statistics given to demonstrate the different options as well as recommendation.

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