Vaultboy Announces Debut Album Alongside New Single “Closer” with Salem Ilese

Debut Album Everything And Nothing Releasing May 10

Multi-talented artist vaultboy, hailed as “the King of Sad Songs,” has released his latest single, “closer,” featuring captivating vocals from salem ilese. The track explores the delicate dance of budding romantic feelings, described by vaultboy as the “blissful purgatory” between platonic friendship and a full-fledged relationship.

“Closer” is pulled from his newly announced upcoming debut album, everything and nothing, scheduled for release on May 10. This follows the success of his recent singles, “everything, everywhere” feat. eaJ, “everything hits me at once” and “where tf have you been?

It draws from personal experiences in both artists’ lives, creating a relatable narrative that resonates with the excitement and challenges of the initial stages of a relationship. vaultboy shares, “You both know you like each other, and you both know where it’s headed, but neither one of you has the guts to say it out loud. Salem and I wrote this song from personal experiences in each of our lives and so we hope people can relate to our stories.”

salem ilese adds her perspective, stating, “This track is about the beginning phases of a relationship, and how it’s both exciting and excruciating. The song spilled out of vaultboy and me during our session. It only took a few hours to write and felt more like a hang than a productive studio day.”

All of the recent releases are shaping up to be a really promising project? What do you think of vaultboy’s single “closer”?

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