Temme Scott Gears Up for New Album with Anti-Love Ballad “Softly”

A song about being scared to fall out of love with someone

After a brief hiatus, LA singer/songwriter Temme Scott has released her new anti-love ballad and music video “Softly” feat. Jack Rabbit. The track is available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide and will be featured on Temme’s highly-anticipated crowd-funded sophomore album, out in 2024. 

“I guess this is my anti-love song — I wrote it about being scared to fall out of love with someone who I really cared about,” says Temme. “‘Softly’ navigates the feeling of wanting to hold onto what you still have left with someone, and hoping they’ll keep you from telling them if your feelings change. I wanted to explore holding onto whatever shred of a relationship is left while being scared that you’re the one who will eventually leave.”

Temme Scott is unpretentious. Based in Los Angeles, Scott doesn’t shy away from rawness. Her candid lyrics and folk-pop-influenced singer-songwriter melodies fuse with gritty intonation and soulful but tender vocals to reveal something hiding in plain sight. Vulnerability is her biggest strength, but she’s also, in her own words, “really just trying to have a good time.”

Scott’s music evokes the earnestness of a child playing in a sandbox — though with markedly more adult themes. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, to get dust under her fingernails, so long as she’s being honest with all of us about what she makes and what she feels.

Scott released her first full-length album, Trust You, Trust You, in September 2020, her second EP, A Total Shame! in May 2022, and a 3rd EP July in February 2023. Her highly-anticipated sophomore album will make its way to listeners in 2024.

What do you think of Temme Scott’s new single “Softly”?

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