Singer-Songwriter Laura Brino Ushers in A Rebirth with New Single “Butterfly”

Rediscovering self-worth after a long-term relationship has lost one's identity

“Mom-pop” indie-folk singer-songwriter Laura Brino aims to overcome traumas and pains of the past on her new single “Butterfly”, the latest single from her upcoming Cactus Moon album, due to be released on April 5th, 2024.

With “Butterfly”, a breezy slice of folk-pop, Laura Brino discusses the importance of rediscovering self-worth after a long-term relationship has lost one’s identity.

The song is symbolic of the reality of finding happiness as one transitions into their own authentic self and follows their true journey. A soothing instrumental backdrop and expressive vocals are accompanied by introspective, clever, and well-developed lyrics.

In addition to her great pop sensibilities, Laura Brino’s music is characterized by quick witted refrains and authentic and reflective storytelling.

In 2022, she released No More Surprises, her first album after a decade-long hiatus, which brought a sense of grounding and maturity. As she had begun recording that album while pregnant with her youngest child, it was put on hold after a traumatic birth that nearly killed her and her child.

Laura suffered from PTSD after that experience, and shortly thereafter, the global pandemic struck. Throughout 2021 and 2022, she finished recording No More Surprises and continued writing and processing for a future recording.

As she put her children to bed at night, she wrote and recorded songs on her iPhone with headphones. A total of 40 songs were written over those two years. As a result of this process, Cactus Moon, Laura Brino’s upcoming April 2024 album, was created. The story is about growing older. A mother’s journey. An account of how a body gives life. Taking a body from life to death. In it, generations of trauma are broken and universal wounds are healed. 

What do you think of Laura Brino’s new single “Butterfly”?

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