LA’s The Sweet Kill Unveil New Anthemic Post-Punk Album ‘Nowhere’

For Fans Of: The Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Editors, Fontaines D.C.

The Sweet Kill have just released their sophomore LP NOWHERE with their latest video-single “Forbidden” via Young & Cold Records (Germany) as well as Shadow Zone Records (USA). The Sweet Kill is a one-man post-punk project which focuses on the more dark and gothic side of the genre.

The Sweet Kill sum up the background to the new album in their bio: “’NOWHERE’ contains sonic cinematic soundscapes of cold wave synths, post-punk drums, atmospheric guitar and melodic bass. This album questions the final analysis of the souls’ journey between two worlds, are we eternally floating in the ether or are we never lost and always found? Grief is love with nowhere to go. Lives are lived and lost and some souls return to explore another round as others trudge eternally haunting our world forever in the nowhere.”

The eerie video for “Forbidden”, directed by Ellen Hawk, delves into this mystery realm with gusto, taking us on a strange sojourn into the moonlight. The haunting voice of Pete Mills serves as a guiding light through this shadowy adventure, cutting through the darkness with the intensity and warmth of a candle’s flame. His earnest croon adds a layer of depth and sincerity. Pete Mills delves into the depths of the human psyche, using an arsenal of cold synths, atmospheric guitar, and a melodic bass to sculpt an anthemic hook with bleeding-heart emotions. The protagonists, outcasts by nature, grapple with their desires in the shadows. Amidst secrets and whispers, their passion is intense yet prohibited, leading them to a paradise where they are exiled, consumed by a love both dark and irresistible.

With the latest full-length endeavor from The Sweet Kill, Mills exclaims “NOWHERE is a mesmerizing journey through the human psyche, inviting listeners to confront their deepest fears and desires.”

Are you going to give this one a spin?

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