Spurts Release Their Sophomore Album ‘That Was Mean And I’m Sorry’

Keeping true to the raw DIY sounds of '90s lo-fi

Spurts have released their new album That Was Mean And I’m Sorry. The follow up to 2021’s The Long Haul comes on the heels of compelling singles “Easy For You”, “Jeff Tweedy”, and “Kinda Flattering.”

Keeping true to the raw DIY sounds of ‘90s lo-fiThat Was Mean And I’m Sorry was mainly created in band frontman Robert Sanlis’ basement. Just eight tracks long, the new album veers in and out of energetic guitar solos that are kept at bay by Sanlis’ punk-inspired vocals.

Citing Built to Spill, Weezer, and Yo La Tengo as major sonic influences, the Oakland-based band air out their grievances with the music industry on the new record. Songs like “Easy For You” and “Jeff Tweedy” directly speak on the unpredictabilities and challenges of achieving mainstream success as an indie band. Although bold with their approach, Spurts are able to be cynical in the same vein as they are sincere. With a spunky say it with their chest type of attitude, the band acknowledge their occasional pettiness in tracks coated with relaxed guitar tones and fluttering synths. 

A breezy listen perfect for a beach hang on a summer day, Spurts’ That Was Mean And I’m Sorry is now available via Lava Socks Records.

Are you going to give this one a spin?

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