Sabrina Bellaouel Returns with Infectious New House Anthem “Period Point Blank”

The story of a romance of fiery beats

French-Algerian artist Sabrina Bellaouel celebrates the first anniversary of her debut album Al Hadr with “Period Point Blank,” a single backed by an official video marking the return of the ‘Amazigh Princess’ to the forefront of modern dancefloors. “Period Point Blank” is the story of a romance of fiery beats, disturbing eye contact and shooting stars, as much as the framework for global House anthem revisited on this EP by Bernardette and Karen Nyame.  

The edit version of “Period Point Blank” offers a dazzling fusion between the sensuality of R&B and the bodily energy of house, and the power of a monstrous, penetrating bass. For the official video directed by the French duet Augure Aurgure, Sabrina dons a wooden ‘Amazigh Princess’ armor crafted by the Marseille based designer Amaury Darras, meticulously selecting her warrior artefacts against a backdrop of mystical caves and vast sandy expanses.

Sabrina Bellaouel is a French-Algerian artist whose work transcends boundaries, blending elements of electronic, R&B, and North African influences.

Sabrina’s voice has been heard on some of the most influential albums of the new French R&B scene, including The Hop, Ichon, Bonnie Banane and Jazzy Bazz.

With her soulful voice and innovative soundscapes, Bellaouel creates music that transports listeners to new sonic realms. Her lyrics often explore themes of identity, migration, and the complexities of contemporary life, offering poignant reflections on the human experience and the role of modern women.

Vibing with Sabrina Bellaouel’s new single “Period Point Blank”?

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