New Superstellar Music Video from Tamar Berk Sees Her Take a “permanent vacation”

From her summer 2023 album tiny injuires

Noted indie darling Tamar Berk is excited to release the music video for “permanent vacation”, the latest single from her summer 2023 album tiny injuries.

With a music video brilliantly directed and cinematographed by Brandon Mosquera, Tamar Berk’s latest single is about wanting to leave your current situation, but not knowing how to get there. When discussing her latest offering, Tamar Berk writes:

“The song ‘permanent vacation’ was inspired by my first vacation after the pandemic. Having never been to Costa Rica, we decided to go there. Although I have always been afraid of flying, traveling, airports, and crowds of people exacerbated my anxiety. It kept occurring to me that I wanted this trip to change me, and make me a different person.

“After the event, I was a changed person in many ways, but I still went back to my daily grind after it was over. Every experience exists only in our minds and in the way we remember it. It’s about a deep desire to leave your present situation and find something better, but you don’t know how to do it.

“Whether I’m moving homes, cities, changing jobs or relationships or even taking a vacation, I always hope that these experiences will bring me peace and calm. Whenever I feel hopeless, I try to believe I will find something better, become better, and be born again.”

Described by FADER as an “essential new album,” tiny injuries seamlessly blends relatability and emotional vulnerability with pop-friendly melodies and arrangements. An array of emotions are explored throughout tiny injuries courtesy of songs that incorporate elements of indie pop, alternative rock, and singer-songwriter slow burns.

Have you heard tiny injuries? What do you think of Tamar Berk’s latest video for “permanent vacation”?

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