Math-Rockers Standards Return with New Single “Big Bad”

Fruit Galaxy out March 22nd

Acclaimed Los Angeles math-rock masters standards have unveiled “Big Bad,” the second single off their upcoming 3rd studio album, Fruit Galaxy, out March 22.

Standards’ Marcos Mena said, “’Big Bad’ is a song that makes you want to go wild. We wanted to mix technicality with catchiness to create a fun and short song that would be stuck in your head all day, regardless of the fact that there aren’t any vocals except for video game samples!”

Led by guitar virtuoso, Marcos Mena, standards is a math rock duo all of its own. Rounded out by skilled drummer Moises Popa, the pair boast a fruitful combination of musical chops and catchy guitar-driven melodies which has garnished popularity among fans who laud standards for their uniquely danceable brand of complex instrumental rock. For almost five years, their instrumental compositions have captivated audiences all over the world as well as in their hometown of Los Angeles, California.

They’re set to tour the U.S. supporting Elephant Gym from March 1st-16th. How are feeling about standards’ latest offering “Big Bad”?

Math-Rockers Standards Return with New Single "Big Bad" | Latest Buzz | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
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