Melt Motif Unveils New Soundtrack for the Visually Stunning Film ‘Pilgrim’

A film by renowned visual artist Erik Ferguson

Melt Motif is back, and this time they’ve returned with a full soundtrack to the film Pilgrim. Alongside the release comes a teaser of the movie through a mesmerizing music video for the track “Corridor” by the renowned visual artist Erik Ferguson.

“The tracks are not your typical club bangers. We aimed to craft noise and non-conventional music that underlines the movie’s visual journey,” explains Kenneth Greve of Melt Motif. For those seeking a touch of the familiar, tracks like “You Can Have My Soul” and “Corridor” offer a passage into the more accessible side of the project.

Erik Ferguson is celebrated for his stunning visuals in the Netflix hit “Fantastic Fungi” and his visual art displayed on Instagram (@fergemanden). His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with prominent artists such as Gorillaz, St. Vincent, Alan Walker, Steve Aoki, The Horrors, and the production of award-winning music videos, including the “Dreams” video for ZHU, which clinched an New Directors’ Showcase award by Ridley Scott. Ferguson’s unique vision also set the tone for Rihanna’s opening performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Are you going to give Melt Motif’s soundtrack to Pilgrim a spin?

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