Leona Naess Shares First New Music of 2024 with Single “Karma’s Comet”

A song that came from 'the universe'

Leona Naess has released her latest single via Stem, “Karma’s Comet.” The song is her first new music for 2024, was produced by longtime collaborator Max Cooke (Ellie Goulding, Winona Oak), and is accompanied by an official music video (watch above).

Leona Naess had this to share about “Karma’s Comet,” “I’ve always heard about a song that comes from ‘the universe’ but it hasn’t happened to me until now. Karma’s Comet was written and recorded within two hours. The lyrics just poured out of me during a tough time last year. I’ve been obsessed with “Song for Zula” by Phosphorescent for years. I usually come to the studio with a song or an idea – this time we started with a beat Max Cooke and I made together. We used that as the backbone of the song and I basically freestyled over it. That’s how it came to be. We never changed any of the original ideas – it’s stayed exactly as it was made.”

Leona’s articulate expression of independence and strength through her music not only showcases her exceptional talent, but also serves as an inspiring call to action for anyone on the path to self-discovery and empowerment. “Karma’s Comet” is more than just a song; it’s a manifesto for personal growth and embracing one’s true self, unapologetically. The single follows “Tailspin” – released in December 2023 – and marks a period of renewed creative output for the singer, songwriter, and musician whose last album Brood X came out in June 2022 after a 17-year hiatus.

Naess made her name in the early ‘00s on warm, radiant, lyrically-driven indie rock, earning a wide range of rave reviews. In those years, Naess was living in the historic Chelsea Hotel, befitting her prominent role in the New York music scene and international cult following. Naess’ diverse musical past also includes time studying music composition and even singing onstage as a child with her then-stepmother, the legendary Diana Ross. Singular moments of vitality, loss, and growth in Naess’ life define her songs’ origin, but their echoes and heartfelt murmurs will resonate with listeners at any point in those cycles.

Naess is currently working with Cooke on a new full-length studio album to come later this year. What do you think of “Karma’s Comet”?

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