Joy Guidry Releases Powerful New Single "Members Don't Get Weary" | Latest Buzz | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Joy Guidry Releases Powerful New Single "Members Don't Get Weary" | Latest Buzz | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Joy Guidry Releases Powerful New Single “Members Don’t Get Weary”

For Fans Of: Niecy Blues, Angel Bat Dawid, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Jazmine Sullivan

Exceptional bassoonist and composer Joy Guidry has just shared her powerful first single, “Members Don’t Get Weary,” off her upcoming new album AMEN.

“Members Don’t Get Weary” is a loving tribute to Max Roach whose centennial birthday the track celebrates. The track is firmly rooted in the Gospel soil of that track while incorporating the vocal contributions of Jillian Grace and Ekep Nkwelle and the guided / spirited playing of Guidry on bassoon and contributions by Morgan Guerin, Tyrone Allen, Kalia Vandever, Jon Thomas and Jessie Cox.

From Joy, “In AMEN there is a lot experimentation with different forms of Black American music. I wanted to lean heavily on my Texas, Louisiana and Creole roots in this project. There were many days spent with my ancestors during the writing of this album and I’m eternally grateful for the music they sang to me during our time together. I’m excited for y’all to hear this project that experiments with gospel, jazz, ambient and the blues on May 10th. Until then I am happy to share “Members Don’t Get Weary” with y’all. Much Love, Joy.”

After years of performing other people’s music, Guidry began making her own. Focused and intentional, Guidry is a visionary. Her keen understanding of how different genres of music can speak to and meld into one another mimics the intricacies and interwoven elements of life. Her releases include commissioned works as well as her debut full-length Radical Acceptance released in 2022. 

Recognizing her trans identity and embracing the need to make difficult decisions with the people in her life brought forth the heart of Radical Acceptance. “There’s nothing wrong with us. There’s nothing wrong with any of us, when we look in the mirror, and we see something wrong, that was purely taught,” Guidry says. “I felt like I could never walk into my life. So after releasing Radical Acceptance, it was time for me to truly practice radical acceptance and understanding and practicing radical self love.”

AMEN is the next step forward, one that calls in the power of community when embodying our true selves. “I wanted to give a voice and give power and provide community to the people I love and truly care for on this record by tackling songs and challenging myself,” Guidry says. “I knew I got the right people, the right community to drive it home, to take my ideas and really bring it together.”

What do you think of Joy Guidry’s latest offering “Members Don’t Get Weary”?

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