Jordan Suaste Shares Resonant New Pop Ballad “Love Who You Want To”

For Fans Of: Troye Sivan, Sam Smith, Conan Gray

LA-based pop singer/songwriter Jordan Suaste, has just released his latest single “Love Who You Want To.” Tired of conversations with those afraid to embrace love, the song encapsulates his yearning for genuine connections. It’s a straightforward yet emotionally resonant piece, crafted as a personal reminder to Jordan and his LGBTQ+ forward community. The song is a pride anthem influenced by Sam Smith’s embrace of his identity and Miley’s fearless expression of love. Unlike metaphorical compositions, this track is a direct and sincere narrative of Jordan’s experience, delivering its message with straightforward clarity.

Suaste’s infectious, love-forward lyrics have quickly connected with many of his 630K+ TikTok followers and the Gen-Z LGBTQ+ community at large. Garnering buzz and a following with each new release, he plans to have a full EP to follow this summer as well.

The 23-year-old Utah native Jordan Suaste began posting his original songs on Instagram after dropping out of school at the age of 16. The arrival of his self-penned debut single “Body,” now with over 70 million streams on Spotify, marked an ignition point for Suaste. The hit debut single combined with his 2021 song “If The World Ended Tonight,” featured in the popular Netflix film To All The Boys: Always & Forever, served as a catalyst for Suaste’s dedicated fan base to continue to grow. 

Are we vibing with Jordan Suaste’s new single “Love Who You Want To”?

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