Internet-Breaking Group, Little Big Release New Single “Hardstyle Fish”

Featuring their signature genre-defying sound

Global phenomenons Little Big, now based in Los Angeles, have teamed up with Swedish chart-topper Little Sis Nora for their new single “Hardstyle Fish.” Produced by AronChupa, the new track features their signature genre-defying sound, poignant satire, and boundary-pushing visuals. Little Big continues to redefine the punk-rave landscape, captivating audiences worldwide.

“Hardstyle Fish” dives headfirst into a whimsical sea of sound, incorporating nautical elements that make for an exciting listening experience. Little Sis Nora’s vocal delivery and comedic candor offer an extra layer of dynamism, creating a perfect harmony with the hard-hitting beats and cheeky lyrics.

The track’s lyrics are a playful anthem of individuality, with lines like “I am not a dog, or some magic little frog, I’m a hardstyle fish.” The infectious chorus proudly declares, “Baby, I’m a motherfuckin’ Hardstyle Fish, I ain’t never gonna be your dish.” Little Big’s ability to blend humor, rebellion, and infectious beats is on full display, making “Hardstyle Fish” a must-listen for fans of the group and newcomers alike.

True to their reputation, Little Big has accompanied the release with a reaction inducing music video that transports viewers into a psychedelic underwater world. The official music video is a manic undersea fever dream conjuring Baby Shark, SpongeBob SquarePants and The Little Mermaid. Like all of Little Big’s incredible 5.8 Billion YouTube view content, the video is directed by the band’s founding creative director Alina Pasok and includes both featured artists. The video complements the song’s narrative, showcasing the band’s commitment to delivering a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond the realm of traditional music.

Little Big’s meteoric rise began in 2013, and since then, they have consistently garnered international acclaim with their viral music videos and unique approach to storytelling.

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