Innovative UK Rockers Everything Everything Deliver Ambitious New Album ‘Mountainhead’

Black Mirror-style concepts with abstract art-pop sonics

Innovative UK rock band Everything Everything have officially delivered their new seventh studio album Mountainhead – an eagerly-anticipated collection of songs that meld dystopian ‘Black Mirror’-style concepts with abstract art-pop sonics. Previewed by one of their biggest airplay and streaming hits to-date in “Cold Reactor” and further heightened by their recent single “The End of the Contender.” The acclaimed project revolves around a singular allegory: an alternate society whose existence is dedicated to endlessly growing a mountain by digging deeper at its base — all in pursuit of a mythical mirror that sits atop its peak, while trying to escape a golden snake that dwells in the ever-increasing pit below.

Mountainhead’s arrival is highlighted by the group’s latest single “Enter The Mirror” – a song pulsing with glossy synth chords that debuts today alongside a new music video which extends the visual narrative explored in each of the project’s videos to-date. Filmed amongst the caves, quarries, and lush mountains of Wales over a stormy three days, it’s a dream-like piece filled with imagery of a cultish funeral ceremony and a marionette conjured to life.

“’Enter The Mirror’ is a song about friendship in the afterlife,” adds frontman Jonathan Higgs. “The video was made in the woods in Wales and features puppetry and a magical mirror.’’

Mountainhead is an album experience that presents an abundance of sonic and conceptual ambition. Critiquing our pursuit of growth with no limit and no forethought; the LP unravels the fabric of modern culture and takes aim at earth-eating constructs like capitalism, religion and internet celebrity. The things we build up in search of salvation, but are never satiated by. Yet while each of the fourteen songs on it can engage the mind, you don’t need to be locked into Jonathan’s philosophizing to lose yourself within its world. Produced by the group’s own Alex Robertshaw & production partner Tom A.D. Fuller (aka Kaines and Tom A.D.), and glittered with galaxies of synthesizers, left-of-center indie pop hooks, black humor & wry lyricism – the album simmers with emotion and escapist energy.

On the horizon for Everything Everything is the band’s nearly sold-out UK headline tour followed by a co-headlining Australian run this May with The Vaccines. Information and remaining tickets for all dates are available here.

Have you heard Mountainhead yet?

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