Germano Shares New Single & Self-Directed Video “sorry i’m a mess”

A break-up anthem with self-deprecating lyrics

Brazilian-born, LA-based pop artist Germano has released his new single “sorry i’m a mess
along with its self-directed music video. The song is a break-up anthem with self-deprecating
lyrics that detail an abrupt ending of a relationship.

“For a second, I believed this person was right about ending things with me and started
questioning the entire relationship. It was so out of left field to me that I thought I was the one to
blame for the breakup, even though I later realized most of the reasons they gave me were
actually out of my control,”
explains the young songwriter. “In the video, I explore this supposed
‘messy’ side and create a world where I am, in fact, problematic and make some questionable
moves in a desperate attempt to get this person back.”

Germano learned to play piano by ear at age 6 and soon after started writing songs. As a
teenager, he moved to California and began posting covers online while crafting his unique take
on pop records before releasing his own music. He is also a trained actor and has worked on
several independent productions, leading him to develop an eye for filmmaking.

His first two singles, “Lost Crowd” and “Cool,” along with their music videos attracted thousands
of fans online and received support from publications such as We Found New Music, Popdust,
C-Heads, Popmuzik, and more.

“sorry i’m a mess” is the first of a string of new single-handedly written singles due this summer.
Germano’s new sound combines pop melodies and hip-hop-influenced beats reminiscent of
2000’s pop music. He is quickly expanding his fan base with his D.I.Y. approach and his ability
to write honest, self-aware lyrics that touch on topics like heartbreak, solitude, and anxiety.

Are you vibing with Germano’s new single “sorry i’m a mess”?

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