Amber Ryann Let’s Her Success Do the Talking on “Money Talk Loud”

“MONEY TALK LOUD” is a testament to the ambition of Amber Ryann – a raucous, unabashed and bravado-filled outing that showcases Amber’s up front and no-nonsense way of doing business. As she continues to grow and evolve, Amber recognizes that the haters are going to come and go – and the best revenge is success. Nobody can take anything from you when you’ve built it from the ground up, and that is Amber’s philosophy throughout every aspect of her career. Amber has no need for clout chasing – she knows that haters will change their tune as soon as they see that her authenticity and drive are positioned to take her to the top.

The Pasadena, CA based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist Amber Ryann has amassed over 80k TikTok followers, over 50k monthly listeners across platforms, and has received 20+ sync placements in TV and film in the past year including Vengeance (Film), Naomi, The Kardashians, Teen Mom, All American: Homecoming, Good Trouble, Nancy Drew, Freeridge and many others – entirely independently! As an entrepreneur and social creator at the forefront of rewriting the rules for succeeding in music in 2023, Amber has also developed a weekly livestream community surrounding her brand “Underrated Artist Season” – an educational and interactive community full of independent artists who support each other to help destroy the concept of gatekeeping and help each other to turn exciting talents into full-time careers.

Amber’s Twitch/Tik Tok Platform “Underrated Artist Season”: Amber has been cultivating a platform of other queer BIPOC fans as well as fellow up-and-coming artists, called Underrated Artist Season. “Underrated Artist Season” is a community-driven online platform, stream, playlist, and independent imprint. At the beginning of 2022, Amber Ryann’s idea to hop on TikTok live to discover some artists under the radar became the spark of a much larger movement. Ryann quickly realized that there was no lack of demand for music listeners that wanted to discover artists that were genuinely unheard of but a change that needed to be made in terms of visibility and accessibility. What makes UAS so unique is that the entire platform is curated by those consuming the music, actual music listeners. Not just one biased curator or a team of biased curators. If the explosion of TikTok taught us anything, it is that music listeners truly have the power to define what is hot and they feel more empowered by discovering and supporting new artists more than ever. UAS embodies a transparency and openness in the industry that artists and music listeners alike would love to see more often.

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