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Bay Area Rockers, Spurts, Release Final Single “Kinda Flattering”

Displaying the sonic bliss of '90s lo-fi

Spurts have released the final single ahead of their newest LP,  “Kinda Flattering.” The new track continues to display the sonic bliss of ’90s lo-fi.

At the helm of the track is a plot line inspired by a dream band frontman Robert Sanlis had. The basis of this alternate reality is spelled out clearly in the track, as Sanlis croons “I cheated on you in a dream”. Here, Spurts describe the witty, yet somewhat controversial take that is cheating on a partner with their doppelganger. Equating this awkward experience as something that should be “kinda flattering”, the storytelling continues to erupt into hazy guitar lines and a ska-like drum pattern. 

“Kinda Flattering” acts as a lighthearted tune with heavy cathartic vibes being emanated from start to finish. It’s a perfect glimpse into what can be expected on their sophomore release, That Was Mean And I’m Sorry (out now). CitingBuilt to Spill, Weezer, and Yo La Tengo as major sonic influences, the album offers eight tracks filled with slacker rock bliss.

Racing out of Oakland, CA, Spurts is the sentimental slacker rock group composed of hometown friends Robert Sanlis (guitar / vocals), Nathan Graves (keys), Chris Schubert (bass) and Jack Kovacich (drums). With their DIY recordings and energetic live performances, Spurts deliver music that embodies listening to a playlist full of forgotten ’90s bangers. Though their tracks have a glaze of nostalgia imprinted in them, the four-piece offer a cynical, yet self-aware take on indie rock that is explored further on their forthcoming LP That Was Mean And I’m Sorry.

Rocking with Spurts new single “Kinda Flattering”?

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