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Ariel Arbisser Delivers a Funky New Single “The Deep”

A captivating blend of funk and darkness

Ariel Arbisser has released her latest single, “The Deep,” off her just-released sophomore album, Ingenue Corrupt. “The Deep” is a captivating blend of funk and darkness, offering an irresistibly catchy tune that delves into the intensity of all-consuming experiences.

The song serves as an entry point into an album rooted in the aftermath of therapy and healing, addressing themes such as ending victim-blaming, reclaiming autonomy, rediscovering joy, and bravely choosing love and connection.

Ariel Arbisser’s powerful lyrics reflect on the challenges of her personal journey through an abusive relationship, providing a poignant reflection on her transformation. Drawing inspiration from artists like Sara Bareilles and Adele, Arbisser’s musical journey, characterized as “dramatic electro pop,” authentically taps into the intricate fabric of human emotion. Ingenue Corrupt, further delves into love, lust, sub/dom dynamics, and socio-political events, making use of her platform to address societal issues.

NY by way of Iowa singer/songwriter Ariel Arbisser is defining her own path in pop: a big modern-day voice with a throwback vibe on ‘Risk of Love,’ her debut mainstream album. ‘Love’ channels and draws on threads ranging from Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, Brittany Howard, and Eric Hutchinson to draw audiences into her lived experiences.

What do you think of Ariel Arbisser’s single “The Deep”? Going to check out the full album?

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