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Are We Hunting Deliver Nostalgic Indie Pop-Rock on New Single “Jail Calls”

A fusion of jangly guitar and inviting vocals

Nor-Cal indie singer-songwriter Are We Hunting is excited to release Jail Calls, their latest EP, which includes the latest single and title track. 

An alluring sample of the wider EP, “Jail Calls”  is a nostalgic slice of indie pop-rock that fuses jangly guitar with inviting vocals.

The EP’s title track combines elements of folk, indie pop, and singer-songwriter to tell a story of time long past. The ethereal guitar textures underpinning “Jail Calls” accentuate the full-bodied, silky vocal harmony that will keep Are We Hunting fans engaged with this latest musical chapter.

Patrick Ferraro, lead guitarist in Are We Hunting, describes the project as “Post West Coast.” The songs generally describe a time or feeling that started beautifully but ended sadly – California being the ultimate metaphor for that sentiment. 

Are We Hunting is the moniker of Northern California based songwriter, Ryan Ayala. While his intensely personal song writing can be described as melancholic, the sound is both cinematic and anthemic. Perhaps the most alluring aspect of Are We Hunting is the rare ability to craft narrative driven music that is still rooted in hooks and melody. 

Are We Hunting has drawn influence from a handful of big names in the industry, such as Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse, Lou Reed, and Tom Waits. He’s been able to take pieces of everything and create a sound that’s familiar while remaining fresh and exciting. 

How are we feeling about “Jail Calls” and the EP as a whole?

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