YouTube Music Listeners Can Now Create Their Own Radio Stations

Station creators can choose up to 30 artists

As MusicAlly reports, YouTube Music is now giving its listeners more agency to create their own stations with a feature called ‘Your Music Tuner’ in its mobile app.

Potential YouTube radio station creators can now choose up to 30 artists, then choose settings including artist variety (low, medium, or high) and song selection (familiar, blend or discover) to tune what the station will play. Filters including ‘popular’, ‘deep cuts’, ‘new releases’, ‘chill’, and ‘pump-up’ can also be applied to tweak what will be chosen for the stations.

“With this new radio functionality, we’re flipping that model on its head, empowering users to create their own radios from the ground up, by combining key music building blocks such as artists and common music descriptors,” YouTube told TechCrunch in an email.

“The result is giving users a lot more control over their music listening experiences.”

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