New Deezer Feature Shaker Makes It Possible to Share Music Across Streaming Services

Deezer's gone through a rebranding

Recently, the Deezer streaming service went through a rebranding and revamping of its mobile app. Now, the service announced Deezer Shaker; a brand-new feature that allows users to share their favorite music across streaming services.

With Shaker, Deezer customers will be able to add up to 14 friends to a group using a link. Those who aren’t on Deezer can import the music library from every major music streaming platform with just a few clicks without having to download the Deezer app.

The algorithm that powers Shaker can generate a mix including a selection of 70 songs tailored to a group’s preferences. If you’re not content with the selection, you can refresh the mix until you find the perfect playlist.

“Shaker is designed to create a feeling of connection, encourage people to experience music more freely, erase the boundaries between friends, and create a space where you can discover new songs to fall in love with. To achieve this, it was key to not only include tailored playlists based on the musical tastes of users and their friends but to make sure everyone can join in no matter which streaming platform they use,” said Alexandra Leloup, VP Product at Deezer.

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