Wes Anderson is Starting a Special Film Club Called Galerie

The club’s launch involves the likes of Ethan Hawke and Maggie Gyllenhaal

Indian Paintbrush, longtime producing partners of Wes Anderson, announced the launch of Galerie – a digital hub that gives subscribers access to original videos, in-depth essays, and live events fronted by leading filmmakers.

As noted on the website, Galerie will see a rotating selection of curators to “be your guide as you expand and deepen your journey through film alongside a vibrant community where everyone is invited to exchange ideas and expand their knowledge.” The first announced guest curators are Ethan Hawke and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Other confirmed contributors include Taylor Russell, Mike Mills, Ed Lachman, Karyn Kusama, Ari Wegner, and Duke Johnson. Subscriptions cost $10 per month.

“Great cinema is all around us, but in this ever-changing landscape it can be difficult to find when navigating algorithms,” the website’s description reads. “We envisioned Galerie as an oasis inhabited by people who value substance overabundance, where curiosity can thrive and meaningful conversation is given the space to grow.”

Speaking about the club (via IndieWire), Indian Paintbrush founder Steven Rales said: “Amidst the media clutter overwhelming all of us, we are delighted to introduce Galerie as a unique sanctuary for discovering cinema differently.

“Galerie offers the opportunity to explore the indelible contributions of those more and less visible in the filmmaking endeavor, as well we an avenue to converse and learn about the many attributes of this cherished medium.”

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