‘ThatTrack’ Helps Creators Find Music Without Copyright Risks

It is an AI-powered search tool

Music Tech reports that a new AI-powered search tool that goes under the name of ‘ThatTrack’ helps creatives find music to accompany projects without the risk of copyright strikes on social media platforms.

ThatTrack has 30,000 tracks ready for use in content including videos, films, social posts, and podcasts. It allows users to find the right music through AI search capabilities, traditional search by genre or keyword, or through One-Click Searches and curated playlists.

The artists can use this AI-powered search engine by providing a YouTube URL, or by choosing a particular style, genre, or theme. ThatTrack will then provide audio-matched results for them to use in your projects that minimize the risk of copy strikes.

Instant copyright clearance on each track works via integration with YouTube’s ContentID system, to avoid takedowns on social platforms. The ThatTrack library has multiple versions of each song that make editing easier including full mixes, instrumental mixes, mixes designed to sit beneath narration, and 60-second, 30-second, and 15-second edits. Many tracks also have stems available at no additional cost once licensed.

It is a paid service, where a per-track Creator License is priced at $29.95, or a Creator Pro subscription, where prices sit at $3.99 per track. This license is in perpetuity and single use.

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