A New Immersive Elvis Presley Show is Set to Be Created By AI

The new show title Elvis Evolution opens in November 2024

A new immersive Elvis Presley show is set to be created using AI technology. The show will feature holographic projections created from thousands of his personal photos and home video footage.

The show should open in November 2024 in London, England, and then move to Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo.

The creators of the show previously had success with Abba Voyage, a virtual concert with avatars of the still mega-popular Swedish pop band.

As BBC News adds, British immersive entertainment specialists Layered Reality have secured the global rights for Elvis Evolution. The company has previously produced immersive experiences including The Gunpowder Plot and The War of The Worlds.

The company said the Presley show will feature a “jaw-dropping concert experience” where a life-sized digital Elvis “will perform iconic moments in musical history on a UK stage for the first time.”

Layered Reality’s founder and CEO Andrew McGuinness said the show would be “a next-generation tribute to the musical legend” and allow people to “step into the world of Elvis and walk in his shoes.”

“The show will feature a life-sized digital Presley and make use of AI, holographic projection, augmented reality, live theatre and multi-sensory effects,” Layered Reality said.

McGuinness added that the experience would offer the public a “deeper insight into Elvis’s life, transporting fans back through the decades to experience his meteoric rise to fame.”

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