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A24 Just Surprise Released New Eco-Documentary ‘My Mercury’ on Prime Video

Billed as an eco-psychological documentary

Documentarian Pippa Ehrlich is one of the voices behind a surprise A24 documentary, My Mercury, which has been streaming quietly on Prime Video since Friday, January 12.

My Mercury follows then-28-year-old conservationist Yves Chesselet, who sheds the comforts of modern living to relocate to the remote Mercury Island off the coast of Namibia. Chesselet is determined to bring 15,000 seals off the island and have Mercury Island solely be home to the critically endangered seabirds of the South Atlantic. 

Chesselet’s sister Joelle Chesselet directed the documentary, with Ehrlich co-directing. Joelle said in a press statement, “My brother’s island saga has held me spellbound for three decades, challenging me to do justice to his tale of exhilaration, courage, positive masculinity and sacrifice. This journey has matured  into what I see as a  parable for our times, chronicling an intimate account of a re-wilding experiment and  then zooming out to the choices we, as humans of the Anthropocene, are forced to face in a world that we’re destroying.”

“[I was] left feeling both awed and shocked. I was amazed by the compelling archive of authentic material that Joelle had gathered over such an extensive time period and days later I was still thinking about Yves and his experiences on Mercury and grappling with my own stance on it all,” Ehrlich said. “Having spent years as a conservation journalist before I became a filmmaker, I found the nature of Yves’ dilemma to be an engrossing ethical challenge, something that only those conservationists on the frontlines of the Anthropocene will ever have to face. As a storyteller who has always been captivated by the enchanting and healing elements of the wild, I was intrigued by the opportunity to tell a story that examined the harsher aspects of the natural world. This brutality was mirrored by the unraveling of Yves Chesselet as he faces his abusive childhood and the horror of his choices on Mercury.”

The film is billed as an eco-psychological documentary from A24, with the official synopsis reading:

“Key to this story are the private diaries Yves kept whilst on the island and 25 hours of his own video diaries, recorded by his closest confidante and soul mate, ‘Vid’, who along with the rare birds of Mercury kept him company for the eight years he lived there. We come to understand a man shaped not only by his love of nature, solitude and a spirit of adventure, but also by his troubled childhood and penchant for escapism.”

My Mercury is now streaming on Prime Video. Have you checked out the documentary?

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