The Eminence in Shadow 2nd Season Reveals Brand New Cast

The anime had a global debut at the Anime Expo

Get ready for new dark adventures as The Eminence in Shadow reveals a new cast for its 2nd season. The anime is based on Daisuke Aizawa’s light novel series; the 2nd season kicked off on October 4 at 10:30 JST on AT-X, followed by other networks. With 12 episodes, HDIVE is handling the anime’s streaming, offering both the original Japanese version and a same-day English dub. 

The anime had a global debut at the Anime Expo on July 1st, thanks to a collaboration between HDIVE and Kadokawa. Fans can expect the familiar faces of the main staff as the studio Nexus continues its work on the second season. Fans have one more thing to look forward to, and it’s nothing more than the dynamic music duo OxT that will sing the opening theme song titled “Grayscale Dominator.”


Cid, not your typical hero or villain, finds himself in a new world where he’d rather pull strings from the shadows than be in the spotlight. Crafting tales and spinning a web of deception, he becomes the unexpected leader of the underground Shadow Garden. His imaginary nemesis, a menacing cult, turns unexpectedly when he realizes they’re not just a product of his wild imagination. They’re real. Now, Cid’s power fantasy has collided with a sinister reality, and the cult is none too pleased with his inadvertent interference in their evil schemes! 

In the world of The Eminence in Shadow, Kazuya Nakanishi takes the directorial helm, bringing his expertise from Darwin’s Game to the anime adaptation at Nexus, known for their work on Darwin’s Game and Granbelm. Makoto Iino transforms Tōzai’s original character designs into animated reality, while Kanichi Katou handles the series scripts with oversight. Kenichiro Suehiro sets the tone with the music composition.

Yen Press holds the licenses for both the light novels and the manga adaptation, showcasing the widespread appeal of the series. Daisuke Aizawa’s story, which originated on the “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” website, made its physical debut in November 2018, featuring art by Tōzai. Anri Sakano’s manga adaptation launched in December 2018, with a spinoff by Seta U titled “Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! Shadow Gaiden” joining the lineup in July 2019.

From light novels to anime to games, The Eminence in Shadow has flourished its image everywhere! So, this anime is no joke! Now, let’s talk about the new cast. It showcases Jun Fukuyama as John Smith and Daisuke Namikawa as Gettan, also known as the “Great Wolf,” an employee under the Major Corporate Alliance hired by Garter. 

Those who enjoyed the first season of The Eminence in Shadow will enjoy its second season, as it promises to deliver a more thrilling story.

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