Solo Leveling Anime Has Revealed Details About Its Worldwide Premiere

In the vein of anime classics like 'Sword Art Online'

Solo Leveling, based on a South Korean web novel written by Chugong will officially be turning into anime soon. In the vein of anime classics like Sword Art Online, Solo Leveling seamlessly weaves Japanese role-playing game archetypes into its narrative tapestry. Our protagonists assume the mantle of hunters, bravely venturing into dungeons to unravel mysteries.

Solo Leveling revolves around Sung Jin-woo, the world’s weakest hunter striving to clear his mother’s hospital bills. Despite the risks, he embarks on perilous quests, triggering a “secret side quest” that kick-starts the story. The webcomic’s allure lies in its commendable pacing and remarkable worldbuilding, setting it apart from similar tales.

However, there a few tweaks in the adaptation, as the Japanese translation brings some changes. Our protagonist, Jin-woo, transforms into Shun Mizushino, and the bustling city of Tokyo replaces the original Seoul setting.

The anime is in capable hands, with A-1 Pictures at the helm, the maestros behind Sword Art Online and Erased. Leading the charge is director Shunsuke Nakashige, with Noboru Kimura taking the reins as the head writer. Tomoko Sudo, a creative force in character design, adds her touch to bring the characters to life.

The opening theme song “LEveL,” which is previewed in the trailer below, is a joint collaboration between Japanese composer and singer SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] and South Korean pop band TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

Solo Leveling’s worldwide premiere event will see the first two episodes shown in Tokyo and South Korea on December 10 followed by Los Angeles on December 14.

Here’s a cherry on top: the renowned composer Hiroyuki Sawano, celebrated for his musical brilliance in Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, is also on board. So, we can definitely expect a lot from Solo Leveling.

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