Love Me My Alien Just Released a New Ode to Love with “Feel I Found a Friend”

For Fans Of: The War on Drugs, Cocteau Twins, Deathcab for Cutie, Israel Nash

Love Me My Alien just released a new single and accompanying video for “Feel I Found a Friend” on December 1, 2023. A surprise trip to a Nashville recording studio while on family holiday, a song penned for his wife and performed at their wedding… “Feel I Found a Friend” has a history.

Michael Montesano of Love Me My Alien didn’t know where his wife Liliana was driving him that day in Tennessee. “It’s a surprise”. When they arrived at the studio, Michael delivered a beautiful and explicit declaration of love for his partner. Fleshed out back home by Love Me My Alien’s Anthony and Justin, “Feel I Found a Friend”, a timeless ode to love was born.

Their sound is both humble and grounded, yet adventurous, and evokes a number of styles from British new wave to the soulful singer/songwriters of the 1970s, all matched with those infamous Montesano vocal harmonies.

Love Me My Alien is a music collective with its origins deeply rooted in friendship and collaboration within the Philadelphia music scene. Anthony Montesano and Michael Montesano – “the Brothers’ as they are lovingly nicknamed by almost everyone they know – are creative partners in only the way siblings and lifelong bandmates could be. They’re each multi-instrumentalists, and their abilities to harmonize are so perfectly balanced that it becomes a real trick trying to discern between the two. They are joined by Justin DiFebbo, to whom each brother attributes Love Me My Alien’s recent successful launch in part to DiFebbo’s keen musical ideas and sense of direction.

What do you think about their new single?

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