A Marvel Writer is Teaming Up with Saturday AM for an Apple Black Prequel Manga

Stephanie Williams is known for her work on titles like Captain America

The light novel, titled Apple Black Origins: Spectrum and the Spectre is set to be a prequel to Saturday AM’s hit series, Apple Black, crafted by Nigerian artist and influencer Odunze Oguguo, also known as Whyt Manga.

Marvel writer Stephanie Williams and Whyt Manga are teaming up for the very exclusive project along with Black-owned manga company, Saturday AM. Stephanie Williams is renowned for her work on iconic Marvel titles like Captain America and Scarlet Witch. The collaboration marks the magazine’s venture into the world of light novels, and the excitement is palpable! 

Apple Black follows the journey of a young sorcerer, Sano who aspires to save the world, navigating powers bestowed upon him by consuming Black Apples. With three manga volumes already out and the fourth set for release on November 21, the series has been gaining a lot of traction.

The Apple Black Origins: Spectrum and the Spectre story unfolds nine years before the events in the original series. Williams’ experience and unique perspective as a Black female creator have added a fresh dimension to the project, injecting new life into the Saturday AM lineup. 

The light novel is scheduled for release in June 2024, and the creators are optimistic about the possibility of more light novels for Apple Black Origins, depending on the reception of The Spectrum and the Spectre. Saturday AM has been a champion for diversity in manga since 2013. It boasts another popular series, Clock Striker, featuring the first Black female protagonist in a manga. The company actively promotes diversity with resources like Saturday AM Presents: How to Draw Diverse Manga, aimed at helping artists create authentic characters that reflect diverse identities. 

Saturday AM’s growth over the past ten years has been remarkable, with a presence in major retailers and a strong online platform reaching 38 countries. Clock Striker, another flagship series, has even been featured in international galleries, including the Kyoto Manga Museum in Japan and the Africa Creation Forum. Founder Frederick Jones has hinted at exciting collaborations and media adaptations, with talks underway with major companies for potential webtoons and anime adaptations.

Are you into manga? Will you be checking this one out when it releases?

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