Lila Dupont Shares Wistful New Single and Music Video “Dance and Smoke and Sing”

For fans of: Olivia Rodrigo, Maggie Rogers, Clairo

NYC native singer/songwriter Lila Dupont has released her new single & video “Dance and Smoke and Sing” available to stream now on YouTube and all DSPs worldwide via Eusonia Records. The track was written when Lila was getting over a cold and trying to end her romantic relationship. Its upbeat, ethereal tone reflects her daydream feeling that she would be much happier if she could run away and escape her current situation.

“The song is about wanting to leave a place and a person behind in order to start a new life,” says Lila. “In the first verse, I wanted to paint an honest picture of how I was feeling in the moment while I was writing the song. In the second verse, I explain the dynamics of being in a relationship with someone who is extremely self-centered. I wanted to write about the frustration of feeling like you know everything about a person but they can’t be bothered to learn anything about you. The upbeat nature of the choruses are meant to depict the imagined freedom I would have if I simply left this person and the place where I was living behind. I used to have a lot of trouble walking away from certain situations, so I loved the process of writing this song because in a way it became a self-realization that I have the freedom to do what I want.”

A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a distinctive sound that combines elements of folk-pop, indie rock, and pop-soul, Lila Dupont released her first three singles in 2022. Teaming up with Grammy-winning producer Scott Jacoby, her 2022 releases have already garnered over a million streams. Penned during the height of the pandemic when she was 18 years old, Dupont’s debut songs were emblematic of a generation struggling with alienation and anxiety.

Citing a wide range of influences that includes Julia Jacklin, Sarah Kinsley and Big Thief, the New York native has been penning songs since she was in middle school. Now living in the UK, and still writing prolifically, she has teamed up once again with Jacoby on three new singles which will be released this spring, beginning with “Legal in England”, a triumphal ballad dealing with addiction in relationships.

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