Lil Hazy Drops a Trippy Hip-Hop Banger with His New Single “Got It”

A hazy modern hip-hop banger

Up and coming rapper Lil Hazy just released his latest single “Got it.” An underground trap record full of catchy, fast paced flows, energetic vocal inflections, and clever but fun bars from start to finish.

It’s a song that really shows off real potential in his young career as it embodies a lot of the same qualities that have made stars of other young rappers in this new wave of hip-hop. Incredibly catchy, with hazed out production, strong bass, and a melodic flow that feels effortless. All ingredients that could result in a viral hit, or at the least, a huge stepping stone for him going forward.

If “Got It” is the quality of music we can expect from Lil Hazy going forward than he could be one worth keeping an eye on.

Li Hazy plans to release an official music video to support “Got It,” and this is just one of 4 singles slated to drop before launching his first full length LP.

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