Darkwave Mixed-Media Artist Street Fever Unleashed Monstrous New Single “Sinner”

A call for inner strength and poetic freedom

Boise based mixed-media performance-artist Street Fever just unleashed their monstrous new single “Sinner.” The song is a call for inner strength and poetic freedom. Driving the artist to reclaim their power and transcend inner and external boundaries. Channeling energy from personal experiences, Street Fever boldly ventures into temples, art institutions, churches adorning these spaces with renaissance poses, shredding art and dousing themselves with water while fully masked.

The accompanying video is more of a micro documentary showcasing their highly energetic, disruptive shows and poetic expressions. “Sinner” is a testament to Street Fever’s acts they feel compelled to share along with their ongoing journey of creative expression and self discovery. 

Their music is a gritty symphony born from profound life experiences and sonic experimentation. From the shrines of Three 6 Mafia in their bedroom as a kid, to being raised by the DIY hardcore scene, they have an eclectic background that sources inspo from hardcore / heavy rap / industrial techno / EBM / noise / electro / techno and classical music. 

With a life of resilience, the artist has overcome being held in a Thai prison, a mental health breakdown, drug detox and more. Street Fever has garnered a dedicated fanbase garnering millions of streams and is set to play the Treefort Music Festival and open for HEALTH.

Are we vibing with “Sinner”?

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