JOYNER Deliver a Heartfelt Tribute to Their Late Mother with New Single “Ted Lasso”

Marking the beginning of a new musical chapter

Indie pop duo JOYNER, comprising the talented sisters Summer and Torrey Joyner, are proud to unveil their latest single,Ted Lasso.” This soul-stirring track is not only a testament to the duo’s musical prowess but also a deeply personal tribute to their late mother, marking the beginning of a significant and transformative journey.

“Ted Lasso,” written and produced by the pair alongside Billy Lefler, transcends the boundaries of traditional indie pop by delving into the realm of human emotion with remarkable honesty and vulnerability. The song’s genesis lies in a profound moment of grief—the night the sisters’ mother passed away. Faced with the weight of their loss and uncertainty, they turned to the television show Ted Lasso as a source of solace and comfort.

The sisters explain, “We wrote ‘Ted Lasso’ about the night our mom passed away. We had spent the day saying our goodbyes and when it came time to turn in we couldn’t sleep. We sat together in the living room of our childhood home with our family, exhausted and perplexed on what to do next. We turned on the tv and watched Ted Lasso and somehow it lightened the air.”

The song’s poignant lyrics vividly capture the complexity of emotions felt that night and in the aftermath of their mother’s passing. Lines like “Holding my breath doesn’t put more air in your lungs” echo the struggle to hold onto fleeting moments and the indescribable pain of loss.

“Ted Lasso” was born from voice memos—raw recordings capturing thoughts amidst grief. The song evolved into a beautiful creation that speaks universally to anyone who’s experienced loss. The single’s delicate production, anchored by loops and evocative instrumentation, became a form of emotional catharsis for JOYNER.

This heartfelt track, chosen as the first single from their upcoming album, marks the turning point that initiated their musical journey of healing and rediscovery. “For a while we weren’t sure if we would ever make music again, but as it turned out, it was the only thing we could do,” say Summer and Torrey.

The music video for “Ted Lasso” is a visual masterpiece directed by JOYNER and creative duo HEAVY BOOTS. Shot in a historic Lloyd Wright home in Los Angeles, the video’s minimalist aesthetic beautifully complements the song’s subdued and melancholic mood. Each room within the video symbolizes a stage of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—while the finale resonates with surrender.

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