Indie Rockers Spirit Bear Unveils Eclectic Alt Anthem “Friends”

A fusion of pop-punk, emo, and alternative influences

Get ready to embark on a genre-blurring sonic adventure as indie band Spirit Bear releases their latest alt-rock single, “Friends.” This eclectic anthem is a fusion of pop-punk, emo, and alternative influences, showcasing the band’s versatility and distinctive sound.

With catchy hooks, emotive lyrics, and a dynamic energy, “Friends” marks Spirit Bear as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative rock scene.

Through its catchy melodies and raw, relatable lyrics, “Friends” encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with open communication among friends in a pop-punk fashion, resonating with listeners who grapple with similar experiences.

“Friends” is a dynamic pop-punk track that delves into the intricate and often uneasy realm of communication within relationships. With high-energy instrumentals and emotionally charged lyrics, the song captures the discomfort and complexity that can arise when expressing feelings and thoughts to close friends. The lyrics explore the challenges of addressing tough topics, the fear of potential misunderstandings, and the struggle to maintain honesty while navigating the fragility of friendships.

Spirit Bear is a labor of love from two close friends and multi-instrumentalists Maechyl Lloyd and Matt McAvoy. What started as a quiet acoustic project in Vermont circa 2011 has blossomed into a full-band experience now spanning the distance between New Hampshire and Philadelphia, PA.

Their latest single “Friends” is the title track on the recently released Friends EP and serves as a welcomed return after their lengthy hiatus following the beloved Brother Earth EP. Songs on the Friends EP cover many uncomfortable topics such as communication and the lack there-of, self-doubt, addiction, and more. Genres are bent and altered within this collection of songs but one theme remains the same: FRIENDS.

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