Canadian Artists Bakers Duz’n Bring the Funk with Their New Single “Lesson #1”

A new era of Canadian funk

Bakers Duz’n bring the funk on their soulful debut single “Lesson #1”, the first taste from the band’s upcoming record, simply title Volume 1.

Canadian funk band Bakers Duz’n share a party jam with a message of resiliency on “Lesson #1” — the first single from their debut album, which is a 13 track funk and psychedelic rock odyssey produced by Tim Jim Baker and co-writer/lead vocalist Guy Jay at Tim Jim’s “Shed” studio in Nova Scotia.

On “Lesson #1”, a tight beat melds with groovy percussion, anchoring a lively chorus of encouragement that proclaims: “I’m rooting for you son/You gotta get it done” — before declaring ‘That’s Lesson #1’.”

Bakers Duz’n are set to release Volume 1 on December 1st, digitally. Volume 1 started as Tim Jim’s vision for a record that takes the funk in a new direction, while paying tribute to the OG’s of the genre. A double LP vinyl release will follow in the new year, along with an album release show featuring a 13 member live band!

Notable contributors include Matt Mays, Adam Baldwin, RC Stanley, and Leith Fleming-Smith as
well as members of legendary East Coast party bands The Mellotones (Jeffery “J-Mo” Mosher,
sax/vocals, Mike Farrington Jr., bass) and The Hopping Penguins (Peter Baylis, backup vocals
and Basil Chaisson, guitar) along with numerous other friends and members of the Bakers
Duz’n live band.

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