Hard Rock Mainstays Trapt Release Rippin’ New Single “Try It First”

The single has that classic Trapt signature sound

Trapt, the renowned American rock band, released their latest single “Try It First” and a 5 song album teaser for their upcoming new album The Fall.

“Try It First” is about opening your heart to others in a dark world. It’s one of the hardest things to do sometimes but “you know it could change you for the better!” The single has that classic Trapt signature sound: big melodic power chords and tight and introspective verses along with a rippin’ solo!

Chris Taylor Brown’s guttural vocal give the song just the right kind of emotion it needs. Fans of Trapt will not be disappointed with “Try It First.”

Trapt’s new upcoming album is highly anticipated by fans who have been eagerly awaiting new music from the band. The album will be the band’s first release since their 2020 album Shadow Work.

Trapt recently completed their 20th anniversary tour, which ran from February 18, 2022, to February 4, 2023, spanning over 120 shows. The band is just about to end it’s 2nd leg of 3 on “The Fall” tour! Fans can expect to hear all their favorite Trapt songs as well as new material from the upcoming album.

“We’re excited to hit the road again and play for our fans,” said brown. “We had such a great time on our last tour, and we can’t wait to do it all again with new music to share.”

Trapt has been a mainstay in the rock music scene since their self titled debut album hit it big in 2003. Their unique sound and powerful performances have garnered them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Trapt released Someone in Control (2005), Only Through the Pain (2008), No Apologies (2010), Reborn (2013), and DNA (2016) throughout their illustrious career. Trapt has collectively sold over 3 million albums and has well over 1.5 billion streams and views.

Trapt is releasing new songs the last Friday of every month until their new album drops Feb 23rd! What do you think of their latest single?

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