DJ Piscine Unleashes Electronic Ecstasy with His New Single “Kitty Cat Swing”

A bouncy fusion of swing, upright bass, and 303 acid lines

Get ready to swing to the beats of the future as DJ Piscine drops his latest single, “Kitty Cat Swing.” This electrifying track is a genre-blending fusion of swing, upright bass, and 303 acid lines, creating a bouncy sonic journey that defies conventions and invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of electronic ecstasy.

“Kitty Cat Swing” is what happens when DJ Piscine goes out in Paris for a week-end. Thumping house music clubs on one evening, smokey jazz clubs on the other. Hence the unique mixture that transcends traditional boundaries.

The result is as a psychedelic cat videoclip animated by Antoine Delmotte, with a funky repeated line: “Cat, I’m a kitty cat! ” that is sure to stick in the listener’s amused mind.

The track is bouncy yet subtle, the groove is present and enchanting, the melody seems to be coming straight from the shadiest of jazz places. With influences such as Axel Boman and the new French house scene with Saudade and Sweely, this track has already proven effective on the dance floors with its timeless feel.

Behind the moniker DJ Piscine is Maximilian De Vos, Brussels DJ and founding member of DJ collective “echte ra”. Spending more time in his studio than the legal maximum, he is also the creative force and producer behind Brussels duo The Haze.

Are you vibing with “Kitty Cat Swing”?

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