Amuse Announces a New Music Insights Service for Artists

It allows artists to fully understand how their music performs

According to Platform & Stream, global company Amuse announced its new Music Insights service now available to all Amuse distributed and label artists.

As this report notes their Music Insights feature easily and efficiently allows artists to fully understand how their music performs on streaming services as well as social platforms including user-generated content, such as TikTok and Youtube. All of this can be done by the artist via the Amuse app.

The purpose of the service is to help the artist to build a solid overall strategy, and continuously test and compare the various platforms in order to refine it.

Providing the artist full transparency on which video they have been featured in and the number of views, likes and shares is a major breakthrough that makes Amuse the go-to distribution platform for artists.

“Music Insights is a brand-new solution for independent artists — seeing how your music is actually performing on all major platforms, and how fans interact with it, creates a foundation to fine-tune your artist strategy continuously. Having access to all of these insights in one place is a game-changer in the independent music landscape in 2023,” Erik Ljungqvist, Chief Product Officer at Amuse comments.

Through the new Music Insights features, artists know when they have been featured in a Playlist, whether this is on an Editorial, Algorithmic, or User generated playlist, at both Spotify and Apple Music. This ability to visualize all playlists and follow up on the content promotion can greatly help artists to fine-tune their pitching strategy for future releases.

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