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Netflix is Planning on Opening Physical Stores… Yes, You Read That Right

Blockbuster was quick to respond

Netflix recently ended its original and longstanding mail-order DVD service, which left a lot of holdouts wondering what will happen next, but now the company appears to be embracing brick and mortar stores.

According to a Bloomberg report, Netflix aims to open a network of stores offering retail, dining and live entertainment that leverage its TV shows and movies. They have not announced what it will be selling at the locations, and it’s unclear if DVDs or any type of physical media will be part of the inventory.

“We’ve seen how much fans love to immerse themselves in the world of our movies and TV shows,” Josh Simon told Bloomberg. “And we’ve been thinking a lot about how we take that to the next level.”

Netflix’s stores will be called “Netflix House” and will open the first two of these locations in unannounced cities in the U.S. in 2025. With hopes of expanding the concept to major cities around the world.

Netflix already sells merchandise at its online store and has previously experimented with pop-up shops and experiences in select cities.

Blockbuster and Redbox were quick to get in on the conversation with two tongue-in-cheeks about the announcement:

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