A Gargoyles Live Action TV Reboot is Coming

Gargoyles was a beloved ’90s animated series that reached cult status, now it’s getting the reboot treatment as a full-fledged live action series. Reports are that Gary Dauberman is teaming up with James Wan’s Atomic Monster to produce the new series for Disney+. Dauberman is to serve as writer, producer, and showrunner.

The series will presumably follow a similar path to the original cartoon, much like the recent successful Netflix adaptation of One Piece.

The original cartoon aired from 1994 to 1997 and followed a clan of gargoyles cursed to live as stone. A thousand years pass, and when a billionaire moves them and their castle to his skyscraper in Manhattan, the gargoyles awaken, team up with a local detective, and begin protecting the city from criminals, billionaires, and lots and lots of magical creatures.

In the subsequent years it’s gained a huge cult following thanks to its excellent writing and animation as well as its darker take on cartoon action. It also had a surprisingly large number of Star Trek alums in its cast, including Jonathan Frakes and Marina Surtis.

It also subtly introduced a whole new generation to many characters and tropes of Shakespearian lore.

Jordan Peele had previously tried to adapt the show, but was turned down by Disney before going on his own highly successful run of movies.

Outside of the announcement, there have been no other details about the Gargoyles live action reboot, so we’ll all be patiently waiting. Much like a… well you get the point.

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