Jordyn McIntosh Talks About Starring in Hulu's 'Unprisoned', TikTok with Kerry Washington, and more | Hype | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Jordyn McIntosh Talks About Starring in Hulu’s ‘Unprisoned’, TikTok with Kerry Washington, and more

Jordyn McIntosh Talks About Starring in Hulu's 'Unprisoned', TikTok with Kerry Washington, and more | Hype | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Interviewed by:
Francesca Escarraga
Interview Date:
June 2023
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What inspired you to be an actor? Can you tell us your background and how you developed a passion for acting?

Well, it all began because I had so much energy in class! I was always singing and dancing, out of my seat in the classroom so my teacher suggested to my parents that they put me in acting to help me figure out what to do with all my energy. I started taking classes and LOVED it!! After a couple of classes, I signed with an agent and that’s where it all started. I got my 1st project on Showtimes’ The First Lady.

Congratulations on your role on the show, Unprisoned! Why did you want to be involved in this project?

Thank you so much! I remember my mom telling me that Kerry Washington was involved with the project. She pulled up some clips of her in Scandal, and I was like “Woah, she’s a great actress”. I read the script and saw I got to say some spicy language LOL.

Can you walk us through the process of auditioning for the role? What were the challenges and breakthroughs you’ve encountered along the way, and how did you overcome it?

It was a long process auditioning for Little Paige. There were so many callbacks and meetings. The biggest challenge was time. Sometimes it felt like forever waiting to hear back. But I knew that I did my best and that was all I could do.

Can you tell us more about your character, Little Paige? What do you love about this character? How did you bring the character to life? Were there particular circumstances or personal experiences that shaped the character?

Little Paige is a sassy, heartwarming young lady. When there’s a problem, LP will get you straight! I love LP’s fierce fashion choices and that she tells it like it is. On set, I would watch Ms. Kerry and, how she delivers her lines, how she moved her hands and her body so that I could copy that behavior. My little sister will sometimes take things that are mine and break them. It makes me so furious to have my things destroyed. I would channel that energy anytime I had a scene when LP was mad or upset.

What did you like about the story? How do you think this story will change and make an impact in today’s society?

I would hope that it sheds light for people trying to rejoin their families after spending time in prison. We all deserve second chances and I hope the show shares that journey.

What was the dynamic like between you, your castmates, and film crew? How did they make you feel? Were there particular moments on set that were memorable?

They were all like family. Miss Kerry and I would take selfies and do TikTok dances. The dance-off scene will always be a memory. It was like a party on set with loud music playing, the dance floor lit up and we all had such a good time.

What did you love about filming this season?

Honestly, I loved all of it! I got to eat several pieces of cake in one episode. The outfits were extra special, I loved wearing all the different looks. And of course the best cast ever!

What kind of films do you like watching? Which films and filmmakers have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

Harry Potter is my all-time favorite! I’ve probably seen all movies a dozen times. The magic, the spells, and the story really inspired me to feel like anything is possible.

What were the monumental life lessons, mistakes, and things you’ve learned that you would like to share to young aspiring or emerging actors, storytellers, and creatives in general?

Never get nervous, never give up, and if you feel like you messed up, just improv.

What kind of roles do you want to take on in the future?

Emma Watson from Harry Potter is one of my favorite actors, I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of the Harry Potter movies. I’m obsessed with them!

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind as an actor?

I want people to remember how I was sweet and funny on set. I also would want to help create a path for other girls wanting to become an actress too.

What’s your advice to young actors who want to break into the entertainment industry?

My advice is to get professional training, always be yourself, and never give up. What is meant for you will be yours.

Do you have other upcoming projects you want to share with us?

I was just currently in NY filming another movie…more details to come. Stay tuned!

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