Late Director Peter Bogdanovich’s Last Project Will Be Released As An NFT

‘LIT Project 2: Flux’ is starring Kim Basinger

As Deadline reports, big-name film director Peter Bogdanovich, who died early in January 2022, finished a project just a few weeks before his death.

It is called ‘LIT Project 2: Flux’ and is an NFT collaboration with Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger. The project will be released on January 25, and is “created specifically for, and available only on the Ethereum blockchain.” Deadline adds that Bodganovich worked with LIT, a project on the Ethereum blockchain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of NFTs.

The late Bogdanovich’s manager Oren Segal explained that the filmmaker grew very excited about the possibilities of NFT as a new medium. He brought Basinger to Segal’s office three weeks ago, where he directed Basinger through a number of emotions. Her emotional expressions vary in time with the movement of a token in the market, commenting on the way we let fluctuating external events create our internal reality, Segal said.

He added that Bogdanovich “directed a set of clips with Kim acting out all these emotions, with Peter narrating the clips with his voice.”

For her part, Basinger said that “after telling a friend the other day that I had just worked with Peter Bogdanovich, he said, ‘Wow! You were literally in his last picture show!’ I thought about it and realized, what an honor to be the last artist he ever directed. Although we had just met, and it was only for a small project on a Sunday afternoon in December, I am truly grateful I got to meet and work with him. I only wish we could have done a real movie together…..Such a beautiful man.”

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