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Marquis Hill – ‘Soul Sign’ Reaction

Back in the late ’60s, during the psychedelic era, there came out a series of albums that explored the meaning of signs of the Zodiac through some quirky psychedelic music that very often transcended different genres. One of the more prominent (and better ones) included Soul Zodiac (1972) by the legendary cornetist Nat Adderley, which included the appearances of the likes of Ernie Watts, George Duke, and Nat’s sax-playing brother Cannonball Adderley.

Now comes trumpeter, composer and producer, Marquis Hill with his take on the Zodiac, with a twist in the title, Soul Sign. So, it might be a tribute to the Adderley album, or it might not be. If it is, good, as the Adderley album was a standout at its time.

If it is not, great as well, as Hill gives it an additional spiritual/soul-jazz twist looking at it through the current jazz trends.

Hill says: “A yearning to learn more about the Zodiac – types and celestial influence for The Good – I’ve been inspired toward a fresh project. In its place, this extended spiritual knowledge of self is crucial in our lifetime. Collaborating with astrologers Mecca Woods and Boro the Lucky Libra – both hailing from the Bronx – we developed tracks that musically ‘impressionize’ each Zodiac sign.”

Ok, so you may not be keen on Zodiac and horoscopes, but you certainly should, because Hill’s musical vision is both fresh and inspiring, and the narrators/singers are positioned in a manner that is neither preachy nor overbearing. After all, haven’t you taken a peek at your horoscope at least once recently?

Marquis Hill - 'Soul Sign' Reaction | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Marquis Hill – ‘Soul Sign’ Reaction
Whether you're keen on Zodiac signs and horoscopes or not, you certainly should be, because Marquis Hill’s musical vision on 'Soul Sign' is both fresh and inspiring soul-jazz/spiritual jazz.

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