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Scizzorman - 'Schizophonic' Reaction | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Scizzorman – ‘Schizophonic’ Reaction

Scizzorman is a funk-rock group from Perth, Australia whom vividly embody both the musical movement and the geographical location that they are a part of. Their new album, Schizophonic, is the kind of music you don’t just listen to with indifference to its creators. On the contrary, it’s an album that makes you want to hang out backstage with them.

Schizophonic conjures up the roots of Red Hot Chili Peppers, largely stripped of a lot of superimposing sound effects and musical layers that new music tends to feature – just a raw, old-school funk-rock that gets you in the mood for rebellion and groove. With that being said, the sound isn’t one-dimensional by any means and employs a wide array of effects and instruments, but it doesn’t feel too busy or ornate.

Speaking of rebellion, there’s also a subtle punky quality to Scizzorman’s sound, perhaps coming from the panache in the singing and its determined and unapologetic tone.

Like the album of any self-respecting funk-rock musicians, Schizophonic is full of catchy, off-beat rhythms and playful bass lines and guitar riffs. The heady, quirky lyrics complete the picture of a very well-rounded band, bound together by their love for funk, and probably partying, both of which most likely go way back.

Schizophonic is an album nostalgic funk lovers should definitely listen.

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Scizzorman – ‘Schizophonic’ Reaction
With its unadulterated playfulness, 'Schizophonic' is the kind of funk-rock album that makes you want to hang out backstage with its creators.

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