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Rich The Kid – The World Is Yours Reaction

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In terms of this new wave of ‘SoundCloud rappers’, Rich The Kid is one artist who’s always stood out to me. I’m not entirely sure why because he’s not a particularly strong rapper nor does he do anything drastically different than what’s already out there, but I think he just has a certain musical charisma and personality you can’t teach. I can’t be wrong in that sentiment either because for supposedly producing the lower denominator of hip-hop he’s always managed to secure co-signs and guest features from some of the best that rap has to offer (Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Future, Migos, and more). With his long awaited debut there wasn’t anything that took me by surprise or made me like him any more or less, but it was chock full of that good trap music you can turn off and turn up to. In fact, if you would’ve told me that The World Is Yours would be a better project than Culture II, I wouldn’t have believed you, but that’s exactly the case here, and while there’s nothing revolutionary about the music he’s putting out, it more than scratches that itch for good ‘trap’ music.

Mike WiLL Made-It was the real draw for this album and his production was pretty much the only thing that kept me pushing on through Edgewood. That's not to say that I think Trouble is a particularly bad rapper, it's just that I don't think much of anything about Trouble in general. There's a considerable lack of charisma or even energy with everything he does that left me feeling indifferent.
There's really not a whole lot to say about Kolorblind, there's a handful of knocking songs that warrant a few spins and seeing Nas on here was an unexpected surprise, although it was more than a bit underwhelming, but there's nothing as big as "Too Much Sauce" and there's nothing that would make Future's greatest hits. At this point you either love/like Future or you don't.
My general feeling after listening to the Migos' latest was that I heard this all before from them, and much better. Whereas Culture felt fresh and radical in it's trendsetting ways, Culture II feels regressive and safe. This time they're going to have a hard time distinguishing themselves from the many clones they've spawned over the years.

“Rule of the day, get a view every day
Get a bitch with a tan by the pool every day
Get a clique with a plan, give a jewel every day
I never sleep, I gotta eat, I gotta dance
I Milly Rock when I get that advance”

Have you heard The World Is Yours? What’d you think about it? Where would you rank Rich The Kid among this new wave of young rappers? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Rich The Kid – The World Is Yours Reaction
If you would've told me that Rich The Kid's "The World Is Yours" would be a better project than "Culture II", I wouldn't have believed you, but that's exactly the case here, and while there's nothing revolutionary about the music he's putting out, it more than scratches that itch for good 'trap' music.  
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