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Historian – “Familiar Bell” Reaction

Historian - "Familiar Bell" | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
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“Familiar Bell” by Historian is imbued with the full specter of the band’s musical ambiance. The song is like a sedative that sends you floating, somewhere between the ethereal past, present, and future.

Historian is instantly recognizable by the oozing melancholy whose source remains ever-elusive. In that spirit, “Familiar Bell” feels like a tribute to something familiar, something close, yet irreversibly gone, something like a dissolving memory. The song instantly induces a reflective state of mind, a sense of nostalgia, and what those reflections and nostalgia will gravitate towards depends entirely on the listener.

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Something like a surrealistic painting, it just makes you feel. It invites you to interpret it through your own prism, experience, and being, without imposing any rigid messages.

What I like the most about this spacey song, which is signature for Historian’s style altogether, is that the melancholy is not overwhelming and overly accentuated – on the contrary, it feels spontaneous, internal, and even peaceful, as if streaming naturally from the musicians’ memories and experiences. It sounds almost cathartic, bringing a quiet realization and a peace of mind.

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"Familiar Bell" carries everything we love about Historian - subtle melancholy and spacey melodies that take you to a different, ethereal state of mind.

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