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The Soft Underground – “Ghosts” Reaction

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The recently released track “Ghosts” by the grunge-reviving duo, The Soft Underground is an ambiguous song, and it’s precisely this elusive nature and thought-provoking lyrics that make it a song you could listen to over and over again.

Even though it starts off kind of upbeat, and it exudes a somewhat lighthearted vibe throughout, its lyrics would make you think twice. The song is reminiscent of a dark comedy/drama, letting you seamlessly take in its serious message without inducing an overly dark state of mind or sounding too political.

I particularly enjoyed the swelling keyboard sections which give the song a spacey and melodic feel, as well as the vocals which reminded me of the unpretentious, squeaky, yet very pleasant voice of Richard Ashcroft from The Verve. It’s precisely that unassuming, laid-back, yet raw feel which the singing is imbued with that evokes a strong nostalgia for the ’90s and more particularly the grunge and alternative rock scenes.

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What I would have personally liked to hear in the song is some sort of a culmination, whether in the form of a blazing guitar solo, a grungy guitar section, or some all-out singing that drives the message home. Without it, it feels as if “Ghosts” simmers all the way through, never truly reaching the boiling point which is what tends to leave a more lasting impression on its listeners.

Nevertheless, the mere fact that “Ghosts” differs so much from The Soft Underground’s other single “Rachel”, as do all the songs from their upcoming album between each othergoes to show the young musicians’ incredible talent and versatility.

What’d you think about it? The Soft Underground’s LP Morning World drops July 27th, with an eclectic mix of grunge vibes.

The Soft Underground's "Ghosts" is reminiscent of a dark comedy/drama, letting you seamlessly take in its serious message without enveloping you with too much darkness.

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